Service Terms

1 – Translation, interpretation and expatriate support services

The prices for our translation, interpretation and expatriate support services are examples and may vary. The final amount will depend on the type of text to be translated and the service to be provided.

Our services can be carried out in installments, with each installment paid in advance. In case of withdrawal, there is no right to reimbursement.

2 – Language courses

2.1 – Enrollment

Enrollment in a course is done by email or in person after acceptance of the terms and conditions and payment of the registration fee.

2.2 – General terms and conditions

The full payment of the course must be made until the second class.

The price includes all the teaching materials necessary for the course.

2.3 – Cancellation policy

A student will not receive a refund if they miss a class or are late.

A private class can be rescheduled if the student notifies the school/teacher at least 48 hours before the class; otherwise, the class will be charged.

2.4 – Missed classes

If teachers are unable to teach or the school has to close unexpectedly, students will be offered a replacement class or, if this is not possible, they will receive a refund corresponding to the missed lesson:

Refund = (duration of the missed lesson / course duration) x course price

2.5 – Administrative terms and conditions

The school reserves the right to cancel a course if, at the beginning of the second class, the minimum number of students corresponding to the group has not paid for the course. In this case, students who have paid for the entire course will receive 100% of the value of the classes they did not attend, that is, they will only pay for the first class:

Amount charged = (Duration of the first class / duration of the course) x course price [including registration]

In case of withdrawal or non-payment by the student, the registration fee is non-refundable.

3 – Payment Methods

Accepted payment methods are: cash, PayPal or bank transfer.

PayPal payments have a 5% commission.

In case of payment by bank transfer, proof of payment must be sent to